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Name Entered as Notes
Azores Azores Autonomous region of Portugal
Bahamas Bahamas  
Bavaria Bavaria  
Bermuda Bermuda  
Borneo Borneo  
British Burma Burma Province of British India
British Guiana British Guinana Modern Gyuana
Bulgaria Bulgaria  
Burma Burma  
Burmah Burma  
Ceylon Ceylon Modern Sri Lanka
Colombia Colombia Modern Republic of Colombia
East Indies East Indies Indian sub-continent, including Southeast Asia, South Asia and Islands of Oceania
French Congo Gaboon  
Gaboon Gaboon Northen portion of French Congo
Galicia Galacia autonomous region of Spain
Granada Granada autonomous region of Spain
Grenada Grenada Island off of South America
Guyana British Guinana  
Holland Holland Modern Netherlands
Hungary Hungary  
Iran Persia  
Jamaica Jamaica Island nation of the Greater Antilles
Madura Madura Indonesian Island near Java
Malta Malta  
North India India  
Palestine Palestine The entire Levant region, including modern Israel
Persia Persia Modern Iran
Philippines Phillipines  
Prussia Prussia  
Puerto Rico Puerto Rico  
Santo Domingo Santo Domingo  
Siam Thailand  
South Africa South Africa  
South India India  
Sri Lanka Ceylon  
St. Kitts St. Kitts Island in the West Indies
St. Martins St. Martins Owned by two countries
Surinam Surinam Modern Suriname
Suriname Surinam  
Syria Syria  
Thailand Thailand Formerly Siam
Wales Wales  
West Africa West Africa Region of Africa comprising sixteen modern nations
West Indies West Indies A collection of islands, some autonomous, some dependencies
Western Africa West Africa Region of Africa comprising sixteen modern nations