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Richard P. Morgan

The Student Name Index project is directed by Richard P. Morgan, co-author of South Carolina Imprints, a Descriptive Bibliography, 1731-1800, and longtime member of the American Antiquarian Society. His first partnership in the early 1990's with the American Antiquarian Society was a digital bibliographical database, Morgan Bibliography of Ohio Imprints, 1796-1850, and corresponding library collection, of which the majority is now at the American Antiquarian Society. Building on his earlier bibliographic foundation, Morgan expanded his scope to that of digital content indexing with the compilation of the Morgan Index of Ohio People, Businesses and Institutions, 1796-1850 begun in 1992, and introduced, at that time, the "Context Keyword Indexing Schema."

The "Context Keyword Indexing Schema" is used throughout the Student Name Index. The schema recognizes that printed lists of names often omit repetitive data. In the same manner as a telephone book does not repeat the city and the state for each and every name listed, school catalogues do not print repetitive keywords such as "student," "college," "freshmen", "sophomore", "junior" or "senior" for each student. For search engines to find these "invisible keywords," they must be added back for each and every name. The Student Name Index does this.

For examples of how the "Context Keyword Indexing Schema" is designed and an explanation for how it provides for complex searches, use the Help tab above.

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